Released May 2016 on Kwaidan Records and !k7

>> Available in both digital and physical formats.  Please click here to purchase.  

The EP Includes an exclusive WHITE LIES Remix

"Divine and powerful electronic atmospheres, fused with esoteric references kissed by the voice of the singer Rebekah Dobbins who masters to perfection Sufi chants. If like us you loved the title track, you will fall under the spell of the other two, Bone Dry and Akem Manah. Mystical melodies with delicate textures. Enchanting."WATM MAGAZINE


The ‘Killing Lotus EP’ is the stunning second release from The Living Gods of Haiti and the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Run Back To Never’.

 It contains three darkly atmospheric songs,  ‘Killing Lotus’, ‘Bone Dry’ and “Akem Manah’ alongside a superb remix of the title track by White Lies.

The music is an organic explosion of dark glittering melodies and poetry amidst a trembling ocean of synth. Drummers drumming from cliff tops and sirens luring the sailors in. A delicate balance between the nature of light and shade. 

It explores more Persian and Oriental sounds and textures that compliment the chanting poetic style and ethereal, powerful vocals are accompanied by evocative lyrics.

Taking their name from Maya Deren’s documentary film on ritual dance and voodoo ‘Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti’, this outfit is fronted by singer, writer, poet and video maker Rebekah.

 The EP was produced by Rebekah’s long time collaborator Marc Collin, best known for his work with Nouvelle Vague & Yasmine Hamdan.

 The duo set out to create an all encompassing aesthetic, one that drew as much from the writings of ee cummings, Aleister Crowley or the Zoroastrian Avesta as it did from the music of Dead Can Dance, David Bowie or the Cocteau Twins.

 The Living Gods of Haiti played a stunning debut show in December last year at Shoreditch Church in London. Visually and sonically mesmerising, full of drama and theatre, it enraptured the audience from beginning to end. They also played at David Lynch’s club Silencio in Paris.