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Released August 2016 on Kwaidan Records and !k7

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“An intense, and highly creative, new record. Drawing on visual art and genres far outwith pop, the songwriter's work fuses her Syrian heritage with moments of crunching, neo-industrial intensity.” CLASH MAGAZINE
"The Living Gods Of Haiti approach a style devoid of comparison; their new album is an innovative amalgamation between mysticism and poetic thought." - AESTHETICA MAGAZINE
“A mystical elixir of dark wave and electronica. Darker than Dead Can Dance, and more dangerous than Zola Jesus.  Shamanic drums, oriental melodies and strings… futuristic synth sounds and fluctuating electronic grooves, the dance of empowerment leads us through the modern world.” - DIE ZEIT


‘Bone Dry’ is the exquisite debut album from The Living Gods of Haiti and is due for release on Kwaidan Records on 26th August 2016.  It’s an innovative, fierce and darkly beautiful compilation. Not for the faint hearted, this album is bursting with mystical energy that’s melodic and pulsating.

Ethereal, mesmerising vocals wash over the senses, hypnotising and ritualistic. The tracks are heavy with percussion…Persian, oriental and tribal influences are a common theme along with dark, undulating, futuristic synths.

Lyrical themes leap between ceremonial chants to the false gods and stark poetic love songs tinged with bittersweet harmonies.  The album is loaded with love and fury, exuding a voodoo-like charm that encapsulates a plethora of influences, sounds and poetry in an intelligently wild fashion.  

Feral and carnal roots erupt through the earth with an otherworldly sound with is haunting and majestic.  This is an album that will tamper with your architecture, lift your soul and then bring you back to your knees.  

Taking their name from Maya Deren’s documentary film on ritual dance and voodoo ‘Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti’, this outfit is fronted by singer, writer, poet and video maker Rebekah Dobbins, alongside long time collaborator and producer Marc Collin, best known for his work with Nouvelle Vague & Yasmine Hamdan.

With ‘Bone Dry’,  The Living Gods of Haiti have created an all encompassing aesthetic, one that draws as much from the writings of ee cummings, Aleister Crowley or the Zoroastrian Avesta as it does from the music of Dead Can Dance, David Bowie or the Cocteau Twins.